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About The Dunoon Project

This exciting Dunoon project is designed to belong to the community.  The community can get involved and help make this a reality.


Brendon Wallace, the founder and managing Partner of BC technologies, has been living in the area for the last fifteen years.  As a keen mountain-biker, his hobby has taken him all over the UK and he has witnessed many exciting developments that have brought prosperity to rural areas.  He recognised that Dunoon and the surrounding area was perfectly placed and had many attributes to make it an ideal location for similar developments.

The vision is to install a cable car system from Dunoon to the top of hills above the town.  At the top will be a visitor heritage centre and café.  This will provide access to the hills and its spectacular views over the Clyde to young and old alike. It will also allow many visitors either walking or on bikes to take advantage of the many stunning trails that for many are too high to reach. However, that’s not all. His vision also includes bringing exciting activities like a world class Zip Line and an Alpine Coaster so families can race down the hills or the less adventurous can stick with the Cable Car.

To this end, Brendon has pulled together a team of people from business and the local community with the passion and skills to see how to make this happen.

The current success of mountain biking in Dunoon and the bringing of National events to the town has been down to the hard work and determination of the Cowal Mountain Bike Club, No Fuss Events and The Bid / Dunoon Presents.  The success of what they have achieved is commendable and can be added to by The Dunoon Project.  

The Objective


The simple objective behind this project is to attract visitors and boost the wider local economy.


The project will be community owned and will create a positive cash flow to promote new and secure existing community benefits. In particular, this community faces a very real crisis in looking after the elderly and long term unwell.


The intention is to create world class centres of excellence that will facilitate the enjoyment of the great outdoors. The facilities will have national appeal and cater for all; from family groups to outdoor enthusiasts, from the less fit to the disabled, from local people to visitors.

First Steps

For a project of this scale and ambition it needs to be done in two phases.  The first phase is to acquire the Forest above the town and down to Toward.  The National Forest Land Scheme gives the community the chance to buy National Forest Land where they can provide increased public benefits.  This is something the Community can make happen.  Not only does this allow the Community to commence with the second phase, it will provide income that the town can put to good use on worthwhile local causes decided upon by the community.

The initial focal point will be a gondola type chairlift running from the base station near the West Bay for 2Km to the top of the Kilbride Hill. There will be car parking and a café/reception centre at the base station that will include appropriate services such as mountain bike hire.


At the top of the hill, the landing station will accommodate, amongst other facilities, a cafe, restaurant and bar designed to integrate with the environment and maximise outward views to the Arrochar Alps, the Firth of Clyde towards Glasgow, Arran, Ayrshire and beyond.

Going Forward


  • A number of zip wire descents. The star attraction will be a single zip from the Bishop’s Seat, over the Bishop’s Glen to the base station, a distance of nearly 4Km. A series of smaller zips are envisaged offering dramatic descents through the woodland.


  • An Alpine Coaster which will meander through the woodland to the base station.


  • Visitor interpretation centre informing visitors of the ecology of the area and the importance of managing woodland for the economy and to the environment.


  • Biking centre building on Cowals increasing reputation for off-road biking trails. The Cowal Mountain Biking Club already host national level cycling events. The organisers, ‘No Fuss Events’ (based in Fort William) consider the location of Dunoon, nestling under the Cowal hills to have enormous potential for off road cyclists of all abilities and trails of varying lengths and degree of difficulty will be developed.  National MTB events have come about as a collaboration between Cowal Mountain Bike Club, No Fuss Events AND The BID/Dunoon Presents.