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Drop in session

Queen's Hall, Dunoon

Tuesday 21st January 2020

3.00pm to 7.00pm

The Dunoon Project is hosting an informal ‘drop in session’ to give interested people the opportunity to update themselves on the Project, and to share their views with some of the Project team.


The Project has now reached that critical point where it has to move from theory to reality and things should start to get really exciting.

Come along and get involved

This will be the first of regular ‘drop ins’ which will be used along with the press, social media etc., to inform the community as the project progresses.

Get Involved with The Dunoon Project - fully immerse in the project, making Dunoon a great success.

Just show your support for the project, we need to know the community is behind the project.

Ask us a Question

Just ask us a question, maybe you have feedback, we want to listen to your concerns and feedback.